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My primary interest is in making a significant contribution to understanding the human thinking process. I think that an improvement in the quality of a person's thinking will be helpful in achieving his or her personal objectives, in improving interpersonal relations, and in reducing the international scourges of war, racism, and poverty.

I have pursued this quest for over fifty years. In a way, I was fortunate to grow up in the Great Depression; whatever I lost in comfort and pleasure, I made up in the capacity for hard work and persistence. After working my way to a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, I immediately entered military service, serving as a junior officer in the new science of radar during World War II. During my service, I set up the lofty goal of a five-year reading program to learn something about everything worth knowing. I'm still working on it.

My early career was a combination of employment in chemical and engineering research projects and as the father of a family of three children. My first article on the human thinking process was published in this period.

In my middle years, I was general manager of a specialty chemical company, president of a metal working company, and then a consultant to senior management in specialty chemicals. I wrote some books, numerous articles, and gave talks on business management. One book I wrote on creative thinking was different from others because it was based on the mechanism for the human thinking process, so it showed how creative thinking could be improved.

More recently, as my earlier entrepreneurial activities provided sufficient assets, I have spent the majority of my time and effort on the human thinking process. I endowed a professorship in Cognitive Neuropsychology at Drexel University to promote an understanding of the human thinking process.

I try to write in terms that will be understood by the intended readers. Nevertheless, because the human thinking process is complex (or it would have been unraveled long ago), my more technical writing is available on the Drexel web site. This web site contains versions of the same material intended for the educated layperson.

I hope this material enriches your life, as it has mine.

Please note: Carl R. Pacifico died on December 15, 2005.
His work on this site is preserved in his memory.

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